Note: This English translation is unofficial. Only the original German text carries legal authority.

Andreas Meyer, Election Profile 2019

Andreas Meyer
Dohmengasse 7
50829 Cologne - Germany
Telefon: +49 (0) 172 - 2905974
Fax: +49 (0) 221 - 9505102
Curriculum vitae

Born on 17.10.1960. Studied law. Concerned with the Contergan scandal since 1977. Profound knowledge of historical events around Contergan up to the present day. First legal action against Grünenthal in 1981. Long-standing board work: Cologne local association, NRW regional association. Discovery of financial scandals in the National Association. 2005: Foundation of Bund Contergangeschädigter und Grünenthalopfer e.V. Constant media presence since 1981. In 2018: Uncovering of 30 years of collusion between Grünenthal and the Contergan Foundation in the Cologne Higher Regional Court judgement.

What, specifically, do I aim to achieve for you on the Foundation Council?

No further disempowerment of victims’ representatives! Strengthen rights of co-determination!
The enemies of democracy in the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs (BMFSFJ, SPD) are once again working systematically to disempower the Foundation Council, so that victims’ representatives on the Council are reduced to helpless alibi extras (court jesters!) as adornments to the all-pervading power of the BMFSFJ. The Management Board will be recast as dirigiste and as the obedient principal organ of the will of the BMFSFJ (structural reform 2019!). For 47 years, democratic principles functioned in the Foundation! Never forget that, for 30 years, the BMFSFJ delivered us into the hands of Grünenthal attorney Herbert Wartensleben!

Revision of the impairment points table by the Gerontological Institute of the University of Heidelberg. Scandalous: The former co-author was Grünenthal’s attorney, Herbert Wartensleben! Necessary improvements: Naming all recognised impairments; raising the 100-point upper limit (formula); points allocation and payment starting at 1 point and in 1-point steps; abolition of the reduction in the absolute points value above 45 points and for multiple impairment types; a standard 30 points for all consequential impairments and progressive functional disabilities for all; protection of all Foundation benefits at the currently existing level (all demanded by me since the Heidelberg Study in 2013!).

Retrospective dependants’ provision for family and/or related persons of beneficiaries back to 1972. Free choice of 2 appropriate persons by the affected victims.

Contergan victims who have been deaf from birth must receive the highest pension! Only thus can they afford sign language interpreters (SLIs) for daily living. SLIs are the only possible form of accessibility assistance for them (hearing aids are unsuitable!). They cannot understand written language. They thus have absolutely no informal access to what is going on around them.

Beneficiaries from abroad and deaf people must be represented on the Management Board and Council of the Foundation!

Implementation of the programme points in my profiles of 2009 and 2014 that were systematically blocked by the BMFSFJ:

You will find further programme points in my detailed profile at Please let me know if you have not received this short election profile. If you have any questions, you are welcome to call me at any time!

Note: This English translation is unofficial. Only the original German text carries legal authority.

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